GatorKits Lab

GatorKits Lab

The world’s leading academic creator of inexpensive desktop-scale educational lab equipment, GatorKits Lab makes hands-on engineering laboratory experiences accessible to remote learners.



For more information or to lease kits for your engineering course, please contact Dr. Matthew J. Traum.

Introduction to Engineering Kit

Tailored for instruction of freshman-level “Intro to Engineering” courses, the signature GatorKits Lab kit includes 12 hands-on experiments and activities representing engineering majors at most schools including mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical.

Available for lease at the UF Bookstore.

Fluid Mechanics Lab Kit

The perfect hands-on complement for junior level Fluid Mechanics courses in mechanical, chemical, or civil engineering programs, the GatorKits Lab Fluid Mechanics kit contains 12 unique experiments and activities addressing the full range of undergraduate fluids topics including Similarity, Viscosity, Hydrostatics, Reynolds Transport Theorem, Bernoulli’s Equation, External Flow, Pipe Loss, and Pump Curves.



Electroplating Jewlery & Coin Making Kit

Students convert a plain brass washer in a vibrant copper coated necklace pendant or coin with three shades of color while learning about electrochemistry and masking. This kit is tailored to lower division college students enrolled in engineering or science foundation courses, and it can also be used with high school students in STEM classes. This pragmatic introduction to electrochemistry can be completed in an hour.




Pencil-Top Fidget/Focus Toy

Through this hands-on activity, Students learn about drilling metal & plastic, tolerances, tapping treads, and part interchangeability as they tap and assemble their own fidgets. Tailored for college freshman “Intro to Engineering” courses or high school STEM classes, this introduction to machining and manufacturing can be completed in an hour.



Evaluating STEM Lab Kits

Let the STEM educational lab kit experts at GatorKits Lab evaluate your kit and provide you valuable feedback on ease of use, clarity of instructions, and robustness of design and packaging.

Please contact Dr. Matthew J. Traum for a quote.